Welcome to the website of Alfredas Daulius, Lithuanian craftsman of fine jewellery in gold, silver and amber.

Alfredas Daulius
Alfredas Daulius
“In my work I always aim to make full use of the potential, the natural and unique characteristics of the material. Whether it´s amber, silver, platinum or stone, I want to let its rawness, textures and original shape come to the fore. The way I fashion my works is inspired by Nature's own creations, as well as by seemingly ordinary everyday objects.”
Alfredas Daulius graduated from the Department of Mathematics and Physics at Siauliai University in 1984. The extensive knowledge he had gathered there proved to be valuable in his development as a jeweler, which has been his full-time profession since the early 1990s.


2015 Nordic Watch and Jewellery Fair “Precious”, Stockholm, Sweden
2015 Baltic Jewellery Fair “Ambertrip”, Vilnius, Lithuania
2014 Lithuanian Artists Association Biennale “Metalofonas Asmeniškai", Vilnius, Lithuania
2013 Baltic Jewellery Fair “Ambertrip”, Vilnius, Lithuania
2012 Baltic Jewellery Fair “Ambertrip”, Vilnius, Lithuania
2007 Group exhibition at The House of Silver and Linen, Vilnius, Lithuania
2005 Baltic Jewellery Fair “Ambertrip”, Vilnius, Lithuania
2000 Šiauliai University art gallery, exhibition “Other Amber”, Šiauliai, Lithuania
1999 Artists’ House, Nida, Lithuania
©2010 Alfredas Daulius, Šiauliai, Lithuania
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